Sync & Share

Graph-DBs can be synchronized across multiple devices / OSes. This is also possible with sub-graphs for collaboration. I.e. one collaborator can share a sub-graph with another to keep a certain topic up-to-date for his colleague.

Sync is the ability for a single user to synchronize the whole the Cognitive Workbench database (optionally including the media, like pictures and music files) over multiple devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet and the PC at home). It provides the user with the power to control the devices, e.g. remote-wipe when smartphone is lost / stolen. Synchronization is implemented using a server component that can sit in the cloud, on a home server or on a second mobile device (“peer-to-peer”). We are currently working on a web user-interface so that the user can also access the data using a conventional web-browser to look up information even from a friend’s computer:

single user multi device sync

The share functionality is even more powerful: It allows distributing knowledge across multiple users. Knowledge generated by one user can then be accessed by another user, for example, research teams can share their results browsing the web for information about a certain topic. This implies a complete backbone of access rights for single users and groups of users, again administrable from the internet. Just to be clear: sharing does not mean that a second user can access my database. Shared information is copied to the receiving user’s database (e.g. sharing a picture means that the receiver will have a local copy on his device).

two users share


Here is a very early technology / feasibility study that shows how pictures and stored articles are synchronised via a web-server between a phone and a tablet (updated video soon):


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