A private living lab for requirements based evaluation.

We participated in an effort to build a user-centric and realistic evaluation for email related NLP technologies. Special attention was paid to cost-effectivity as well as data protection. (2013)

Association of Information Entities Along a Time Line

How to work effectively with different, interrelated time lines especially when navigating them? This patent application covers some of our UI experiments mostly on tablets that allow for interactively moving informational entities on the screen to filter time lines. (2013)

Automatic Association of Informational Entities

One of the techniques that we use to build up a knowledge graph. The Cognitive Workbench actually uses multiple techniques depending on the type and structure of the incoming information. (2013)

Automatic Crowd Sourcing for Machine Learning in Information Extraction

A technology to crowd source semantics from unstructured data gained from a massive amount of mobile devices. Notably, it covers the privacy aspect, i.e. The data extracted does not allow for guessing the identity, name or any personal details of the user. The technology is currently not part of our publicly available products. (2013)

Compact Visualisation of Search Strings for the Selection of Related Information Sources

In this patent application, we cover the Magneto technology for differential semantic tag clouds. (2013)

Online Analysis and Display of Correlated Information

The patent application covers some of our technologies to analyse a document that the user is viewing or editing and to compute relevant contextual information and to show it to the userĀ in the right point of time. (2013)