This is a list of all processing modules within the Cognitive Workbench that can be combined to achieve a linguistic “AI task”.

Relation Extraction

  • Document Clustering & Cluster Labeling (more)
  • Document Similarity (more)
  • Co-incidence between real entities, such as two papers cited in same third paper
  • Shallow co-occurrence based relation extraction on texts for exploration and analysis
  • Deep full text relation extraction for fact extraction and automatic reasoning (more)

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  • Normalization of extracted entities to existing ontologies using different methods, including SVM, k-nn and others
  • Transitive deduction (if rel(A,B) and rel(B,C), is also rel(A,C)?)
  • Sync & Share (more)
  • Keyword Tag Clouds (more)
  • Multi-User Profiling (more)

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