How you could build well known apps using the Cognitive Workbench. Note that those examples were NOT built using the Cognitive Workbench, we just want to demonstrate the versatility of the platform and how many application areas it can cover.

ExB Health

ExB Health textual solutions are based on the cognitive workbench and use the sophisticated linguistic modules to tame the high amount of unstructured data in all healthcare related industries like pharma, payers or providers. The application of our technology is different and custom tailored in every case, as the information sources widely differ and even so the outputs. Main target of our engagement in this sector is a better, custom fit healthcare with lower costs. Giving researchers, physicians and patient the best possible information for their decisions is the key factor.

To learn more, visit our ExB Health website.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a collection of NLP, search / crawl / IR, AI and QA tools that initially made great PR by winning Jeopardy, a popular TV show where people have to deliver questions for given answers. The technology demonstration is aiming to show case a system that can crawl the internet, collect information, categorise / cluster it, extract it and recombine it to produce compact linguistic output.

IBM is also trying Continue reading


A research team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), is running the Never-Ending Language Learning (NELL) system based on a self-learning crawler and an attached machine learning system. It categorises content (or extracts entities) into a couple of hundred predefined categories and tries to attach basic relationships (again predefined) between them. While it is able to revise assumptions, some mistakes are still corrected by humans, which means the system is supervised in two important aspects: Continue reading

HP Autonomy IDOL

Autonomy, acquired by HP in 2011, established a range of analytics tools, that converge information from many different information sources and let the user explore the synthesised view (“exploratory analytics“).  Initially, Autonomy established Continue reading